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La Demeure du Grand Moulin

Eco-friendly guest house

Votre bien-être et la santé de la planète sont mes priorités.

Having been made aware of ecology and respect for the environment at a very early age, the inclusion of this project in an eco-friendly philosophy was an obvious choice. However, the purchase of a house that had not benefited from an ecological renovation meant that realities had to be taken into account, whether in terms of feasibility or budget. Acting being, without doubt, starting with what is feasible now and with the means available, here are the small and large actions implemented and those that will be implemented in the near future.

économie d'énergie

Save energy

– All light bulbs in the house are low consumption (warm light)
– LED lights in the technical rooms (white light)
– Class AA+ or AAA+ household appliances
– Off-peak programming of all household appliances: washing machine, bread maker, yoghurt maker, etc.
– Use of the washing machine at low temperature
– Installation of living areas near the windows to take advantage of daylight

To come:
– Installation of presence detectors outside and in high-traffic areas 
– Installation of a more ecological heating system

Economisez l'eau

Save water

– Dual flow on all flushes in the house
– Water saving devices on all sinks, washbasins and showers
– Mixer taps and flow reducers in all bathrooms
– Water management awareness in every bathroom
– Bathrooms equipped with showers, which use less water than bathtubs
– Use of washing balls in the washing machine which reduces water consumption by 30%.
– Recovery of rainwater for watering the garden

Tri des déchets

Reduce, sort and recycle waste

– Removal of all disposable products and overpackaging
– Purchasing in large format or in bulk
– Selective sorting of waste
– Composting of organic waste

produits circuit court

Eco friendly consumption

– Purchase of organic products from local producers or from fair trade 
– Respecting the seasons for the consumption of fruit and vegetables 
– Use of natural and home-made products for cleaning 
– Use of homemade washing nuts and fabric softeners for the washing machine 
– No pesticides are used in the garden


The eco-responsible gestures of everyday life

Here are a few things to do during your stay at the Demeure du Grand Moulin. It’s not much, but as the saying goes; it’s the little streams that make the big rivers!

– Turn off the tap when you are not using the water
– Don’t stay in the shower unnecessarily, 5 minutes is enough
– Don’t throw anything in the toilet bowl except toilet paper
– Turn down the heating a few degrees at night
– Turn off the lights when you leave your room
– Do not leave your electronic devices on standby when you are not using them

Thank you ! 🙂

Maison d’hôtes éco-responsable

écureuil sur une branche dans le parc de la demeure du grand moulin
maison d'hôtes éco responsable près de Jonzac
Séjour nature près de Jonzac

chambres d’hôtes éco responsable – maison d’hôtes éco responsable

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