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La Demeure du Grand Moulin

The water mill's story

The Great Water mill of Mosnac

An industrial heritage site in the Charentes, the Grand Moulin is located on the Seugne at Mosnac, halfway between Pons and Jonzac in Charente-Maritime. 150 years of history…

From the wheat mill...

The history of the Grand Moulin begins in 1867, the probable date of its construction. This wheat mill, located on the Seugne, is an imposing building made of plastered rubble stone and rising on four levels, which operates on hydraulic power. In the 1880s, it was extended by a new building and transformed into a flour mill. This was the beginning of its industrial history.

histoire des moulins à eau
Histoire des Grands Moulin de Mosnac

... to the flour mill

In 1923, the Jonzac Agricultural Cooperative bought the mill, a property that included a farm and a winery. From this date onwards, the mill was constantly modernised. The hydraulic energy produced by the wheels was replaced by diesel and then by electricity. In 1958, an old barn was enlarged and converted into a silo, and new machinery was added. The Grand Moulin de Mosnac came to an end in 1980 and the site was put up for sale.

From the master's house...

Fortunately, the history of the Grand Moulin does not end with the end of its industrial life. An inspiring place in many ways, the site has inspired successive owners who have given it a well-deserved cachet over the years.

Today the Grand Moulin is divided into two properties. On one side, the mill and on the other, the former owner’s house and the park. While the mill is still being renovated, the house, built at the end of the 19th century, has been completely renovated.

Le parc et la maison vus du potager
chambres d'hôtes près de Jonzac

... to the guest house

Ideally facing south-west, it overlooks a sumptuous wooded park of 4600 m2.  Enclosed by vines on the rubble walls, it is the ideal space for daydreaming, laziness or creation… 

Between the park and the river, this superb 260 m2 Charentaise house is the perfect place to live for a new project. La Demeure du Grand Moulin was born !

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